Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

A good friend and a dear brother suggested that I write a book on “fine dining” in American airports. I wouldn’t consider my dining experience one day in the past as fine, but it did bring up an interesting thought process, at least in my mind it was interesting. There I was, in Boston, and the soup of the day was New England Clam Chowder. I ordered a bowl with a sandwich and thought nothing of it. Half way through my bowl of clam chowder (which was neither bad nor good), it occurred to me that I took  a big step of faith in ordering that soup. I have been told that seafood is a tricky endeavor. It must not only be cooked correctly, but you have to start with fresh clams, in this case. The cook or chef must have a good deal of experience in cooking seafood and even with all of that, there may be issues. In short, seafood is not a matter to be taken lightly. There I was eating the chowder, not knowing if the cook washed his or her hands. I didn’t know where and when they bought the clams. I didn’t know how long it cooked or has been warming up. I didn’t know anything about this chowder and yet there I sat spooning it down my throat like there is no tomorrow, with a long flight ahead of me.

Conversely, my faith in our Father is not at all like that, or at least it shouldn’t be seen that way. I have never met and still don’t know the chowder cook, but I know my Father intimately. I don’t know the chowder cook’s state of mind, but I know my Father’s mind is set on nothing but things for my good. There is no way that the chowder cook can be consistent in the preparation process, the cooking process, and especially not his health. My Father is not only consistent, He created the thought process of consistency.

As His Word says, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I was going to be cooped up in a plane for the next 5 hours, and I had no idea what effect, if any, the chowder would have on me, but I know without a doubt that my time in that plane will be an absolute blessing from my Father.  I might not understand it at the moment, I might not even enjoy it, but I know that my Father has it already planned for me.

As I faced the rest of this day, the next and the next week, am I going to face each day with a “clam chowder” faith, or am I going to rest completely in the arms of the Father, knowing His will is good, pleasing and perfect for me? It has been said that faith is completely dependent on the object of that faith. Faith in a job, an earthly relationship or even a church fellowship is misplaced. Faith in an eternal, unchanging, Holy Father is the only manner in which we can truly rest assured.

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