Baptism Snorkeling

For we live by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of men from our church. As is usual, a group of guys get together and they begin to act like a bunch of fourteen year olds. Not in an adolescent rebellious manner, but just goofy fun. Bad jokes were flying, guys picking on each other, and laughing at just about everything. Perhaps it is true about women going off to their conferences, I am sure it is, regardless it’s a rejuvenation of the soul. In one of the conversations with a brother, we began to talk about baptism. Not in a mocking way, instead joking about how we may have needed a little “extra” time under the water, just to be sure. Randy Travis has a song that advises a pastor to pray for the fish in the river that are going to have to deal with the amount of sin washing off the main character’s spirit. Again, none of this is mocking the ordinance of baptism; it’s looking at ourselves in a tongue in cheek manner, with the focus truly being on God’s grace and the abundance of it. In this conversation that thought process came up of wearing a snorkel during our baptism. Just imagine the picture of going under in faith, but wearing a snorkel just in case. A funny picture, but do we do that on a spiritual level every now and then?

We claim to be completely dependent on God, putting all of our trust in Him. To an extent, putting everything in His hands relying on His provision, protection and peace. If we get real, don’t we sometimes reach for that snorkel, just in case? We want to put our faith and trust completely in Him, releasing the fear that can so easily come upon us, but we put a contingency plan in place, again, just in case. Almost as if we are saying, “sure, I trust you Father. It’s not that I don’t have faith, but I better have a backup plan.” Just like when a person goes snorkeling, they have a bypass that has access to air, we can bypass the provision of the Father, trying to get access to assurance we will be taken care of. Can we really be any more sure of anything other than God?

It may not be an overt act or even a conscious thought, but we can still put on our snorkel. Sometimes it’s just our pride that puts us in feeling like we have to be doing something. Yes, that can be pride. We often justify it as, well God doesn’t want me to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. There are times when we are to act, but shouldn’t we ask for the prompting of the Holy Spirit before we launch off into “our” plan. We have to come to the point where we understand that God always…ALWAYS has a plan. There are times when that plan is for us to act and there are times when that plan means that we need to wait. The only way we can truly know the difference is going to Him in prayer and listening for the Holy Spirit to give us guidance.

When we rest in the faith that God’s plan is a perfect plan. That His plan has been prepared before our existence, we can have peace in knowing that although we are being immersed, we don’t need a snorkel.

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