And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. – Mark 16:15

Yesterday was one of those days that people that fly hate. Weather has delayed your flight. The truth is that not only your flight was delayed, but numerous flights because of bad weather. We can get into the mindset where we might think, “with all the technology we have, do we really have to deal with a simple weather delay?”. Well…yes we do have to deal with it. The airlines don’t have this nasty little conspiracy to mess with our plans. They don’t like it any more than we do. They are losing thousands of dollars with each flight that is delayed. Yet we often focus on ourselves and how this delay impacts us. What if we take another look at the impact.

Pilots will tell you that the thing they dread most is weather. The winds and shifts have more than just a dangerous impact on the plane, they can in fact be deadly. But, what about other impact, the kind we don’t see. What if my delay is a chance to focus on what God would have me do? What if another person is being delayed because there are other dangers waiting for them? What if I am missing an opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel? Wait…did I just miss that opportunity? Do you know how to know if you missed an opportunity to share the Gospel? It’s easy to know. Ask yourself the question, did I just share the Gospel? If the answer is no, then you missed an opportunity. Now maybe it’s not an overt evangelical time, but it could be a prayer, it could be a kind word and giving Christ the glory for it. There are many ways we share out testimony and we miss them all the time. I know I do.

Perhaps you’re not flying today, but you are put in a place sometime where you are delayed. Don’t miss an opportunity to see what God has put in place for you to make the best of your delay.

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