Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps. – Psalm 85:13

One of my favorite places to visit as a kid was my Uncle Donnie’s house. He lived on Lake Nocona, in North Central Texas. What kid wouldn’t enjoy summers on the lake? Swimming, boating, and everything that goes with that. From sun up to sun set (and sometimes after dark), it was pure enjoyment. Uncle Donnie was creative in problem solving. The road to his house and driveway were red clay, which is anything but friendly to driving. In a rain, his driveway became the type of mud that gummed up everything and gave no traction to car tires or people walking, sliding and slipping everywhere. He found these ingenious interlocking tracks that could simply be placed on top of the mud and took care of the traction problem. Uncle Donnie explained that the tracks were invented in World War II for the purpose of creating a runway for airplanes in very short notice. Imagine trying to pour concrete or asphalt in hours prepared for planes landing. It would be impossible; so someone found a way to accomplish the task. Preparing the way for aircraft on a moment’s notice to be used in other locations without leaving materials behind.

There is a Christian-produced movie called “Armageddon,” which focuses on the tribulation and end times. In that movie, there is a line where the main female character is faced with death due to her faith. As she is sharing her peace about the situation, she says, “The way of the Lord is prepared. All He asks is that we walk in it.”

We need to understand that God does not offer us salvation and then leave us to our own devices. We aren’t walking through our life with a set of instructions and no other support. Jesus didn’t pay our sin debt to just watch us try to live a good life. God not only put together the plan of salvation to create a relationship with us. He put together a plan for our lives. He has truly prepared the way for us. He knows our past; He walks at our side in the present and has prepared our future. We must also understand that we are not walking down this path without the ability to make choices. Many Believers have the false belief that God is determining our actions, leaving us with no options to walk with or without His guidance. We know that God loves us enough to give us the ability to choose His path. He gives us that choice so that we can forge an actual relationship with Him instead of walking around like robots.

Regardless of whether we choose His path or not doesn’t change the fact that He has prepared a way for us. His path is absolutely clear, just like a runway for a plane. Pilots wouldn’t dream of drifting away from the runway, because they know it’s not only safe. It’s critical to survival. God’s path for us is the same—not only safe, but critical for our survival. We can wander away, but in doing that, we are in grave danger. We must line ourselves up with the clear path laid out for us and follow it, because if we don’t, we can spiritually, physically, and emotionally crash.

He has prepared the way for us; we only have to walk in it.

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