Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him; I will surely defend my ways to His face. – Job 13:15

 Job is one of the hardest books in the Bible to read. It is difficult for us to read about the hardships that he endured, especially when we know how all of that came about. Because Job was faithful, he was challenged in some very brutal ways.

As we continue through the reading, we see his “friends” berate him. They constantly accuse him of some sin that brought about the calamities Job faced. Have you ever been in that place where things seem to be beating you up and others offer little compassion and instead pass a good bit of judgment?

Job’s responses throughout his accusations can be very much like our own. Defensively, we respond to what others are saying. One of my life verses is found in Job 13. In the midst of the friends chiding, Job responds with a few words that are a profound truth.

Even if it is God that is putting me through these things, He is still God, and I will answer to Him and not you (paraphrased).

The truth shared here is simple. Even if God is putting me through the trials I face, He is still God, and my hope rests in Him completely. Job doesn’t finish the verse by saying that he will defend his life to God in a way that we often define defend. Job is saying that he only answers to God, because there is no other person to which he needs answer.

We need to be careful when we say the trials we face are God’s trials. Sometimes, the trials we face are the natural consequences of our behavior. Sometimes, they are onslaughts from Satan. And yes, sometimes they are direct trials from God. The truth again is that we don’t need to focus on the source of the trial as much as we need to focus on the One that will see us through the trial.

That was Job’s response. God is still God; He is above all things, in all things, and the Lord of all things. Even if it is God and we don’t understand His reasoning for allowing us to endure our hardships, we shouldn’t lose hope. God will walk through the valley with us, just as Psalm 23 tells us. Never lose sight of the fact that God, our Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit, our Counselor are for us and not against us.

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